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The largest cigar manufacturer in Germany, Arnold André Cigars has been a leading brand in the cigar and cigarillo market for over 200 years. Its products – Clubmaster, Handelsgold, Vasco de Gama and Independence – have become household names throughout the world.


A true icon of the German economic miracle.

Uncompromising quality and outstanding value for money has made Handelsgold so successful for decades. Originating from Germany, Handelsgold blends tradition and value, making it one of the most well-known and iconic cigarillo and cigar brands to date.

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The soul of fine cigars.

Since 1973, Clubmaster Sumatra and Brazil cigarillos have been market leaders in the non-aromatic segment. The range of the Clubmaster brand has been steadily expanding and its success lies in the pure taste of processed tobacco completed by a noble natural wrapper. Elevate your cigar experience and discover...

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Vasco Da Gama

A real adventure - for the great moments in life.

Originating from Portugal, Vasco da Gama is one of the strongest growing cigar brands and has been successful worldwide. The brand's cigars is made using the best tobaccos from Sumatra and Brazil. Wrapped in perfect leaves and valuable cedar sleeve, the noble filler blend can unfold i...

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Unlimited enjoyment.

Since 1998, Independence is created for easy-going pleasure-seekers who value fun above all else. Its cigars and cigarillos are known for their innovative design, combining a cool metal tube with a thick cigar made from quality tobaccos. To date, Independence is one of the strongest and most successful brands in ...

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