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Mascotte was formed as a cigar and cigarette producer in 1858 and is one of the oldest smoking brands in the world. Known for its premium quality with a Dutch heritage, the brand has been a leader in producing quality rolling papers, filter tips, and other accessories.

Filter & Tubes

The perfect choice when it comes to convenience.

Mascotte provides excellent quality filters with a naturally coloured glue line to ensure you have a pleasant smoking experience.

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Rolling Paper

"Europe's finest rolling papers.

Mascotte rolling papers were invented by Frank Mignot in 1919 at a bible publishing house in Limburg. These fine, thin papers became the first Mascotte rolling papers, which Mignot has developed and perfected over the years."

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Rolling Machine

Roll your own cigarette effortlessly.

Now everyone can roll a cigarette with Mascotte's range of rolling machines. Our devices are simple to operate and provide the right balance between flexibility and strength, ensuring smokers get a perfectly filled tube.

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