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It is a success story that started more than 50 years ago when the first Cricket lighter was launched on the market. 50 years of innovation, testing boundaries and setting the bar for a whole industry. Today more than 400 million Cricket Lighters are manufactured and sold to over 140 countries worldwide making Cricket one of the largest and most popular global lighter brand.

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Original Lighters

A classic and our most beloved lighter. Not too big and not too small. Just perfect. Cricket Original is equipped with a child proof rifled spark wheel. Cricket Original Mini is our smallest lighter and is perfect to carry with you in your pocket. Comfortable, light and easy to handle

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Electronic Lighters

A classic and our most beloved lighter. Not too big and not too small. Just perfect. Original Electronic is equipped with a child proof electronic push button. Cricket Electronic Mini is our smallest lighter with a child proof electronic push button

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Limited Edition Lighters

Cricket Malaysia designs and launches exclusive limited edition collectibles for all lighter lovers out there!

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Utility Lighters

Our best friend when it comes to lighting candles, gas stoves, cozy fires, barbecues or other hard-to-reach places.

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Deluxe Lighters

The Deluxe lighter, our most luxurious lighter to date and made to last. This high quality lighter is refillable and reflintable and comes in a tin case with a two years warranty. The Deluxe lighter is equipped with a turbo flame making it windproof. Comes in metal finishes.

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Cricket Merchandise


Luxury, power and innovation: Whatever your new day brings – with the Cricket Lifestyle Collection, you live and shape it however you please.

What are you waiting for? Re-define your lifestyle.

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Customise your own lighters

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Lighters made with you in mind.

All Cricket products are designed and made with the user in mind. We combine a modern shape and design with cutting edge lightning technology. Since day one Cricket has striven to be the most reliable and safe choice in the market.

The first child resistant lighter.

In the beginning of the nineties we put the kids at the center of our decisions and determined to make our lighters child proof. In the mid nineties it became mandatory for the whole American industry. By 2002 the European Community followed suit.

Easy to use Lighter.

The average Cricket lighter lights every time for up to 2000 times during its lifetime cycle. This makes our lighters not only one of the world’s most reliable ones, but also one of the more environmentally friendly.

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