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VILLIGER is one of the leading cigar and cigarillo manufacturers in Europe, with a vast network of factories, distribution companies and industry partners. Family-owned since 1888, the company has been crafting quality machine-made premiums and cigars, using only the finest and most unique raw material tobacco around the world.

Villiger Premium

Cigars of the highest quality. The VILLIGER Premium range include tobaccos from Java, Brazil, Cuba and beyond, providing enough flavour to excite even the most experienced smokers.

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Villiger Export

Rich, smooth, and slightly sweet. The VILLIGER Export offers a balanced blend of tobaccos from Brazil and Caribbean, which comes encased in a high-grade leaf wrapper from Indonesia.

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Villiger MINI Colorline

Filter cigarillos with ultra-satisfying taste. The VILLIGER MINI Colorline gives off an aromatic flavour with sweetened tobacco filling. With a smoking time of 10 to 15 minutes, there is a MINI for every palate.

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Villiger Tube

A special smoking pleasure. Available in four different colours, each VILLIGER Tube offers a harmonious combination of tobacco varieties, encased in an aromatic leaf wrapper.

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Villiger Rillos

Spicy aroma with soft vanilla taste. The VILLIGER Rillos contain a premium blend of tobacco varieties from Brazil, Indonesia and South America.

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