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Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Based in Denmark, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a world leading manufacturer of cigars, pipe tobacco and fine-cut tobacco.

Borkum Riff

Explore the new territories of taste.

With over 300 years of mixture under their belt, Borkum Riff is one of the best-selling brands known for its sweet-burning tobaccos and Scandinavian family of blends. The brand carries a broad number of variants, allowing smokers to discover pipe mixtures that suit their taste.

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Revolutionising the pipe industry.

Peterson offers high-quality pipe tobaccos for the finest smoking pleasure since 1865. In honour of its heritage, the brand's blends draw inspiration from the rugged beauty of Ireland’s landscape and tradition in craftsmanship, and are elevated by the quest of exceptional quality.

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W.Ø. Larsen

Blended to perfection.

Based in Denmark, W.Ø. Larsen is one of our premium pipe tobacco brands and has particular strongholds in Germany, Russia, Denmark and Asia. Employing only the best mixers, W.Ø. Larsen's pipe tobacco comes in a range of flavours and is made with exquisite Scandinavian blends. Annually, the brand also features...

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