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Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Based in Denmark, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a world leading manufacturer of cigars, pipe tobacco and fine-cut tobacco.

Café Crème

The world's first and largest cigarillo brand.

Café Crème has been a European and category leader in small machine-made cigars since its launch in 1963. The brand's cigars use tobaccos from Java, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Italy, and are wrapped in natural Java or Ecuadorian leaves. While the name has changed to Signatur...

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Creating handmade premium cigars since 1895.

Crafted by Royal Agio, Balmoral boasts a portfolio of distinct premium blends made with only the finest quality tobaccos from Brazil, Central America, and the Carribean.

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Delicious, quick cigars.

Since 1976, Mehari's have created smooth, aromatic small cigars to suit every smoker's unique taste. As one of the world's largest cigar brands, the company's portfolio includes flavoured variants and a rich mixture of filler tobaccos from various parts of the world - wrapped in natural Java, Brazilian or Ecu...

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A premium cigar experience in a small format.

Panter specialises in dry-cured small cigarillos made with tobaccos from Indonesia, Brazil, and the United States of America. With a variety of strengths and flavours, each cigar is wrapped in natural Java or Ecuadorian leaves, infused with a pleasant aroma.

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Royal Agio

Made in Holland since 1904.

Royal Agio Cigars are one of the world's leading cigar manufacturers. The company uses the highest quality tobacco leaves, blended to the most exacting standards, to craft their full-sized handmades and cigarillos.

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