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VILLIGER is one of the leading cigar and cigarillo manufacturers in Europe, with a vast network of factories, distribution companies and industry partners. Family-owned since 1888, the company has been crafting quality machine-made premiums and cigars, using only the finest and most unique raw material tobacco around the world.

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Von Eicken

True to Von Eicken's motto “Tobacco passion since 1770”, the company manufactures, produces, and markets tobacco products that give people moments of enjoyment and a pronounced sense of 'joie de vivre'. Their combined history, knowledge and robust innovative strength has enabled them to set the highest standards of tobacco quality.

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Arnold Andre

The largest cigar manufacturer in Germany, Arnold André Cigars has been a leading brand in the cigar and cigarillo market for over 200 years. Its products – Clubmaster, Handelsgold, Vasco de Gama and Independence – have become household names throughout the world.

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Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Based in Denmark, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a world leading manufacturer of cigars, pipe tobacco and fine-cut tobacco.

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Swisher Sweets Cigar Company

The taste legends are made of. The Swisher Sweet Cigarillos feature a premium tobacco blend and are ready to smoke out of the box or wrapper.

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