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Mascotte is the manufacturer of Mascotte rolling papers, filter tubes and rolling devices.

Mascotte is the original brand of the Mignot& de Block BV enterprise. This family business from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, was established as a cigar and cigarette factory in 1858. At the end of the Second World War rolling paper was in short supply and importation was not permitted. Frank Mignot (1910 – 2003) found the solution at a Bible publishing house in Limburg. The fine, thin paper he found there resulted in the first Mascotte rolling paper which he continued to develop further.

Since then the company has been the leader in the Dutch market with the Mascotte brand. Furthermore, Mascotte sets the standard in filter tubes and filter tube-filling devices, as well as rolling devices. Also, Mascotte is becoming well known internationally. For the UK market Mascotte did develop Mascotte Green 66 Slim papers. Mascotte Green 66 Slim are slim rolling papers with no overlap giving less waste and more taste!

Mascotte’s headquarters are located in Eindhoven. The rolling paper booklets and tubes are produced in their own factories in France, Austria and Germany. Mascotte’s factories employ more than 300 people.

Mascotte sets a very high standard on quality. That’s why only the best natural materials are used for the rolling papers and the filter tubes.

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Von Eicken Harvest

Harvest offers a modern filter cigar with an attractive and light sweetened tipping paper, additionally branded with an elegant golden crest. The tobacco blend is pleasantly flavoured in varieties vanilla, cherry, coffee and coconut. These cigars are made for fashion conscious consumers who prefer an up to date design and also enjoy smoking aromatic flavour cigars for a moderate price.

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