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Enjoy the typically aromatic, mild character of Candlelight in the most modern way! Smooth on the one hand, but with the convenient use of a filter on the other, for excellent new smoking pleasure.

The innovative Candlelight filter cigar and the small and manageable product size with 10 filter cigars per package have been developed for the high demand of sophisticated, young customers who are searching for convenient and highquality smoking solutions. The Candlelight filter cigars are available in six delicious flavours: vanilla, cherry, aromatic (Irish cream), coconut, menthol and sumatra (the original taste of tobacco).

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Harvest Little Cigars

Harvest offers a modern filter cigar with an attractive and light sweetened tipping paper, additionally branded with an elegant golden crest. The tobacco blend is pleasantly flavoured in varieties vanilla, cherry, coffee and coconut. These cigars are made for fashion conscious consumers who prefer an up to date design and also enjoy smoking aromatic flavour cigars for a moderate price.

Harvest Little Cigars are also available as single sticks in a display unit of 50 or 100 cigars (2 or 4 flavors). These cigars are packed in an attractive aluminum foil to guarantee long lasting freshness. Very well suited to activate impulse buying at the point of sale

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