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Villiger Export Line

The art and tradition of Swiss cigar making are combined in this cigar. It is the blend of high quality imported tobaccos, including a major part of Cuban tobaccos, rolled in selected Sumatra wrappers that give Villiger Export it’s extremely mild, yet rich flavour. Each cigar is individually wrapped in soft tissue paper. Specially suitable for Cuban Cigar Smokers.

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Villiger Premium Line

Throughout the generations since 1888, the strength of innovation in our production process has been the key focus of the Villiger Company, and is perhaps most evident in the Villiger Premium range. The introduction of these top quality cigars occurred at a time when the title “premium” was only associated with high quality beers. Although industrially produced, the Villiger Premium cigars have proven over time to be of the highest quality.

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Villiger Filters Range

In keeping with the high quality standards of the Villiger Premium selection, the Aroma Cigarillos offer a broad spectrum of sizes and formats, as well as a variety of aromas. Only by using a wide range of tobacco types, expertly blended with the different flavours, can each aroma reveal itself as a quite unique smoking experience.

The ‘VILLIGER PREMIUM’ range not only offers a broad spectrum of various formats, but also a variety of different aromas. The enormity of the differences in taste is appropriately addressed by providing a whole range of tobacco mixtures, whereby each aroma reveals itself in a quite individual structure.

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Villigers Tubes Line

VILLIGER “Red Tube” and “Black Tube” : The enterprising cigar when you’re out and about. Young, flexible, fashionable and self-confident – the new brand “Villiger Tubes” by the house of Villiger is entering the market in such an enterprising way as if it was about to go to a party. The “Tubes” are available for cigar smokers wherever they are looking for a “cigar to go”.

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Villigers Mini Range

The Villiger Mini cigarillo line keeps expanding but, the focus will always be on their aromatic flavor. Smoking times from 10 to 15 minutes, and there’s a Mini for all of taste preferences. We invite you to explore the wonders of the Villiger Mini’s.

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