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Clubmaster – The soul of fine cigars

In 1973 the first Clubmaster Sumatra and Brazil cigarillos were introduced in Germany. Both these products are still market leaders in the segment of non-aromatic cigarillos today. The success of the Clubmaster cigarillos and cigars lies in the pure taste of processed tobacco from Sumatra or Brazil. In the course of a year the range has continuously expanded: The small Clubmaster Mini Filter cigarillos and the aromatic Clubmaster Vanilla cigarillos offer especially pleasurable moments.

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Handelsgold – the traditional cigar

Handelsgold is not only one of the most well-known cigarillo and cigar brands in Germany, but as an icon of the German economic boom years it also stands for tradition. Thus, it is no surprise that one of the most popular German politicians, Ludwig Erhard named Handelsgold his favourite brand. The Handelsgold brand offers a wide selection of different cigars and cigarillos. Uncompromising quality and outstanding value for money has made Handelsgold so successful for decades.

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Independence – Unlimited Enjoyment

Since 1998 a cigar has been available for easy-going pleasure-seekers,who value fun above all else in life: Independence. It combines an unusual appearance in a cool metal tube with a thick cigar made from quality tobaccos. From the beginning, Independence was a complete success. In 2004 Xtreme Vanilla joined the Original Independence. Together with the cigarillos in the metal packaging, Independence is one of the strongest brands in Germany.

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Vasco da Gama – a cigar for the great moments in life

Vasco da Gama is like a small adventure. Like a voyage of discovery. And not least, it is a homage to one of the greatest sailors in history. Only the most select tobaccos from the best cultivated areas of Sumatra, Brazil and Honduras are selected for this cigar. Furthermore, each individual Vasco da Gama cigar is wrapped in a cover made from cedar wood. As the first example of a port-matured cigar, the Vasco de Gama is a special highlight.

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