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  1. Why is Cricket known as a quality lighter?

    ISO 9994
    Cricket lighters are fully compliant with international safety standards.

    • With intensive R&D research into safety regulations and continuous checks on the production line, Cricket aims to be at the forefront of consumer safety.
    • The lighters flame behaviour, durability and resistance to temperatures are all compliant with requirements of ISO 9994:2005 certification.
    • Each Cricket lighter model undergoes a thorough annual check and is certified by renowned external accredited laboratories

    ISO 9001

    • Thanks to ISO 9001:2000 certification, Cricket Lighters are at the cutting edge of international safety regulations.
    • The organisation and the production processes at Cricket lighters are ISO 9001 certified.
    • Our quality system is designed for optimal performance (Accuracy in delivery, process control, service).

    ISO 14001

    • We are fully ISO 14001:2004 certificated as our production processes are established to minimize harm to the environment.
  2. Why should you choose a Nylon lighter?

    All Cricket lighters are made of nylon. We have chosen this material for its many benefits:

    • Nylon is self-extinguishing: once the ignition source is removed, nylon stops burning.
    • Nylon is strong and highly impact-resistance across a broad temperature range. You can use a Cricket lighter from the equator to the poles.
    • Nylon enables us to produce very thin casings. So Cricket can combine high gas content with a slimline design.
  3. Why do Cricket Lighters have an auto flame?

    All Cricket lighters use Cricket auto flame technology, providing many advantages for consumers:

    • No more surprises due to a very high flame

      The flame height adjuster on lighters with an adjustable flame is easily moved to maximum just by catching it in the lining of your pocket, for example. The resulting high flame (120 mm) could give you a big surprise when you light up your cigarette. The same might happen if you forget that you have set the flame height to maximum. With an auto flame, the Cricket lighter has a maximum flame height of 45 mm at normal room temperature. Always consistent.
    • Reliable System

      Fewer moving parts means a simpler, more reliable system.
    • Perfect Flame Height

      During production, every single lighter is automatically tested to ensure a perfect flame for lighting a cigarette.
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