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Handelsgold Cherry Woodtip 5s

Package: 5
· Length: 125,00 mm
· Ø: 11,30 mm Weight: 2,80 gr.
· Sales Unit: 10 x 5

All of these fine cigars have a sweet wooden mouthpiece, which makes the smoke very enjoyable and intensifies the perception of the aroma. The tobacco is carefully fermented and processed to create a mellow smoke and a sweet taste. The Handelsgold Vanilla, Cherry and Chocolate Wood Tip Cigarillos are refined by a pleasant touch of aroma. The Black Wood Tip Cigarillo is made with a great amount of pipe tobacco and a delicate and elegant black wrapper. The Handelsgold Wood Tip Cigarillos are presented in a modern, fresh, elegant and international design in order to appeal to consumers all over the world markets.

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