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Vasco de Gama Corona No. 2 Vanilla

Vasco da Gama is one of the strongest growing cigar brands and successful in every country where it was introduced so far. These fine cigars do sell extremely well due to the brilliant value for money ratio: they can be positioned against all premium short filler brands, but at a remarkably lower price. Only the best tobaccos from Cuba, Sumatra and Brazil are used for these fine coronas. Wrapped in perfect leaves from these tobacco growing areas, the noble filler blend can unfold its full-bodied taste. Every individual cigar is wrapped in a valuable cedar sleeve and is a true piece of art for those precious moments in life.

Package: 5 / 20
· Length: 153,00 mm
· Ø: 16,70 mm
· Weight:: 9,30 gr.
· Sales Unit: 5 x 5 / 1 x 20

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