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With over 58 years of industry experience in the lights and tobacco business, we have built a reputation for our ability to consistently offer high quality lighters, matches and cigar and tobacco products. Sincere Match & Tobacco Factory, through our subsidiary, Malaysian Match Company, is the sole manufacturer of Cricket lighters and Flyingman safety matches for the Malaysian and Asia Pacific markets.


  1. To manufacture and develop Cricket Nylon Body lighters as the No.1 top quality brand in the Asia Pacific region; and
  2. Leveraging on our extensive distribution network, we will continue to reinforce our strong position as the No.1 distributor for cigars, tobacco, Swedish snus and tobacco accessories in Malaysia.

Our cigar and tobacco products are distributed solely in Malaysia whereas our lighters and matches are distributed in local and overseas markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand to over 30,000 outlets comprising duty-free operators, wholesalers, tobacconists, retailers and convenience stores.

Our physical presence and wide sales and distribution network in these strategic areas enable us to efficiently serve our customers and deliver goods with a short turnaround time to locations in both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.


Sole Distributorships

Exclusive Distributorships

20,000 Domestic Outlets

30 Duty Free Outlets

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